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Roach Repellent

Roach Repellent

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How to Eliminate Cockroaches at Home

How to Eliminate Cockroaches at Home

Cockroaches in the House, especially in the kitchen, can become a pest repellent and difficult to remove if you do not have the necessary care. Get rid of these insects repellents can become a difficult task.

For this reason, and to count with the necessary tools, I propose to know some tips on how to eliminate cockroaches in the home and make easier the maintenance of areas so don't return those unwanted visits.

How to kill cockroaches

Boric acid is an ingredient that will help you keep your home clean and free of cockroaches; usually, it can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription, and can also be found as powder kills cockroaches, because is he prepares a poison which helps eliminate these insects.

Mix a part of boric acid, a part of flour and a portion of white sugar and place in where the cockroaches are (commonly in the kitchen). The sugar will attract them, the flour will make sticking while boric acid will kill them.

The most frequent places for placing this mixture is in drawers and closets (the back of both), under stoves, refrigerator. Repeat the procedure every two weeks, three times or until there are no signs of cockroaches.

Tips to prevent cockroaches at home

After eliminating cockroaches in the home, the idea is not to again appear. Then it is essential that you follow some tips to prevent the appearance of these bugs.

  • Storing food especially flour and sugar in a plastic bag ziplock.
  • Leave clean the kitchen at night, remove any excess food and waste.
  • Keep appliances clean and wash sink also below.
  • Immediately wash the dishes and utensils used on a daily basis.
  • Eliminate clutter, throw old newspapers and plastic shopping bags.
  • Take out the trash regularly. It is advisable to do so daily and not expect that tacho is completely full.
  • Keep trash out of the House.
  • Use professional products regularly, just as prevention during the first few weeks after you have removed the cockroaches.
  • Of, cockroaches are resistant to several types of commercial insect killer and household insecticides. If after several weeks of trying to get rid of these bugs have not succeeded, then I recommend that you contact a professional.

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