The Zorb Ball, A New Way To Have Fun Here

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Hi, my name is Bob Thornton Junior and I own a ranch here in Paris Texas. For many generations my family had fun riding the horses, riding our all-terrain vehicles, or simply relaxing by the pool. But this summer I decided to introduce my family to a new way of having fun: the zorb ball.

I first saw the giant hamster balls on Jimmy Fallon’s show. He was running inside these giant inflatable transparent plastic ball called a zorb ball, and he was racing against his opponent. Back then I had no idea what the Zorb-Ball is. But I did a little bit of reading and found out. There pretty much it is human sized hamster balls made of plastic and inflatable with air which you can ride on different surfaces, such as a grassy field, a grassy hill slope, or even on water like inside the pool or a lake or even the sea.

I definitely wanted to try something new and exciting together with my family, so I decided to buy a Zorbing-Ball. I read about what you can do inside one of these zorb balls. You can ride it simply by going inside and running inside it and thus making the ball travel in the direction that you are pushing it, or you can fill it with water. If you put water inside the inner sphere of the zorb, then you get to slide around freely while the sphere travels in the direction it’s going. Feel something along the lines of being inside a washing machine. I’ve tried this with my family after I bought my Zorbing-Balls and we’ve all had a lot of fun. Access can be a pretty hot place and anything involving water is quite satisfying and refreshing.

There is also another way of riding a Zorb Ball, which I must admit I haven’t tried. It involves using harnesses that title up inside the inner sphere. This way when the ball rolls around on a hill slope or if it’s pushed around by some other people, the rider gets to get stuck to the inflatable wall of the ball and moves around with a moment of the sphere. I guess it to be something comparable to being inside the plane’s cockpit while the plane is doing air loops. I haven’t tried this one because I didn’t find it as interesting.

We have a very long grassy lawn in our backyard. So since I’ve seen it on TV, I decided to buy two zorb balls and have a competition with my friends at a barbeque. I also bought an inflatable track on which I set the Zorbing-Balls so that me and my friends would take turns and ride them towards the finish line.

And trust me when there is alcohol involved, and the Texas sun, then there’s going to be some pretty fun times. At first I didn’t put any water inside the Zorb-Balls and we just used their own feet to push them around. But then I decided to do some water riding. So I half-filled those giant balls with water and we slid in on top of the lawn. There is a gentle slope on my lawn, and at the very end of the slope there is the swimming pool. So what we did is we started the race on top of the slope and try to aim for the pool. Funny story, one of the Zorbing-Balls and it in the pool, while the one that I was riding smashed straight into my bedroom window door and smashed it. But I couldn’t care less because I was having the fun of my life.

So, all in all buying a Zorb Ball was a great investment and it ended up being a great deal of fun for both me and my friends and my family!

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